Smart Employment Process

Introducing PreFerrals as the most optimal approach to suit both developers and business needs.

Process Automation

By using technology we save you time and effort!

IT Segments Analysis

We use data driven recommendation system to ensure ultimate UX.

Custom Made

You are unique. Set your custom preferences.

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The Mission

Code Agents

We are software developers, perfectionists, visionaries or just Agents who have created PreFerrals an advanced employment method that is made to improve the connection between software developers and the IT industry.

Our driving values

  • Ethics on the top
  • People come next
  • Respect your privacy
  • Skilled professionals
  • Flexible workflow
  • Certified process

What about you?

For developers

Have you heard about PreFerrals?

This approach is the smartest mode for developers to find the most appropriate career opportunities in Bulgaria.

Why should a developer choose us?

  • We love code. We are professional developers.
  • We offer you a web based application process.
  • We save time, you spend less looking for a job offers.
  • We find out Top 3 of your skills.

Our Workflow

  • You
    Set your career goals and personal needs.
  • We
    Process your request through our knowledge base.
  • We
    Tipster get to know your application profile.
  • You
    Meet your tipster to discuss your goals in details.
  • You
    Plan the interviews with your companies of choice.
  • We
    We arrange the interviews, give you recommendations and support you being a rock star at the interviews.
For Companies

If you don’t get enough referrals… why don’t you try PreFerrals?

Using our expertise and innovative know-how, we support companies on optimizing their employment process.

Technically Evaluated Applicants

We ensure our candidates have proven experience and tested skills.

Higher Retention Rate

We recommend only reliable candidates who extremely fit your company culture.

Time Optimization

Automation is the key to get faster and objective applicants delivery.

Transparent Partnership

We invest in long-terms partnerships so your have control over the process.

Additional Value

We offer market segmentation data and preferences for start-ups.

Trusted Agency

We are preferred by the IT simply because we are software developers.


Get to know our team

The team is composed of professionals with at least 5 years of experience in the IT industry.
Profile picture of Plamen Nikolov
Plamen Nikolov
Head of Technology
Profile photo of Ivaylo Vatovski
Ivaylo Vatovski
Business Developer
Profile photo of Kaloyan Manolov
Kaloyan Manolov
Business Developer
Profile picture of Krum Motzov
Krum Motsov
Ruby Tipster
Profile picture of Rozaliya Stoilova
Rozaliya Stoilova
PHP Tipster
Profile picture of Kalin Stefanov
Kalin Stefanov
JavaScript Tipster
Profile picture of Ivo Ivanov
Ivo Ivanov
Databases Tipster
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